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Advanced Credit Counselling can legally remove negative items off of your credit reports and help you qualify for the best rates possible! Information contained in your credit file must be reported according to a law called the Consumer reporting Act. If the information isn’t accurate or verifiable then it must be deleted.

This means your FICO scores will go up as a result. Do yourself a favor and come see us if you don’t qualify, or if the rates you do qualify for are just too high. 

Let Advanced Credit Counselling help you remove inaccurate, unverifiable information and raise your FICO scores. Don’t let bad credit prevent you from getting you the best rate you deserve!

FACT: 79% of North Americans have errors in their credit reports which can cost thousands of dollars in unnecessarily high interest rates. Are you one of them?


Is your Credit Report Accurate?

 How many points are you loosing?

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Understanding your Credit Report.

How well do you understand your credit report

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Equifax gets sued

Nobody is above the law.

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Forty Million American's Have an Error on Credit Report

The system is flawed.

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A Few points can make a Big Difference.